Climate Change Recovery

We at Climate Change Recovery are dedicated to training and supporting students and parents from all backgrounds, creating a more diverse and inspirational group of leaders from all over who can expand the movement and take effective action against global warming.


Our Youth Acting for our Earth (YAE!) Training Program, trains and supports youth, parents, and young adults from many backgrounds to address the climate crisis.

We do this through our free, peer-led trainings for students and for parents that are supported by local community organizations and other kind donors.

New Youth Climate Leaders and their Teachers – State College, Pennsylvania


YAE youth climate leaders and their families gather in person and through online community gatherings for mutual support and to take action on global warming.

Our families and students support each other and their communities through collaboration with organizations working on the climate crisis and other urgent and interrelated social justice issues.

Youth Leaders, Parents, and other Volunteers sharing a meal
in Rohnert Park, California

Ways to Help!

We will soon have the ability to donate through our site in support of this work!

In the meantime, please contact Pam Vergun, founder and director, at to make a donation to the work of Climate Change Recovery and our innovative program, Youth Acting for our Earth—YAE!

Organizations can also become a financial sponsor—contact us to learn more!

Octavia Chambers, Social Responsibility Impact Manager for the
Portland Trail Blazers
at a training at Tryon Life Community Farm, Portland, Oregon
Photo by Laurie Litman

Our last YAE training:

A glimpse of our most recent YAE training—
Students and youth leaders from 3 states and 2 countries;
VIPs from 4 continents

Join us for the next one!