Callie Greene

Assistant Director, Community Organizer, Board Member, and YAE Climate Leader

Callie Greene is the Assistant Director of Climate Change Recovery, and a Community Organizer, Board Member, and YAE Climate Leader with an honors B.S. in Neuroscience, an A.A. in Climate Change and Environmental Studies, and an in-process MBA and MPA in Sustainable Solutions at Presidio Graduate School (Class of 2025).

 Callie Greene

Callie Greene is a passionate and dedicated 24-year-old climate activist and MBA/MPA candidate in Sustainable Solutions. Even as a relatively recent participant in the climate movement, Callie has already been a powerful force for change.

After assisting with medical science research for three years and graduating with an Honors Bachelor in Science degree in Neuroscience from the University of Victoria in 2020, Callie grew concerned that there was a more pressing issue she should focus on: the climate crisis. Upon moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles, California and witnessing the horrific fire season of 2020, Callie decided to switch course and enroll in a Climate Change and Environmental Studies A.A. program at West Los Angeles College, where she was an active member of the Environmental Club. Callie is now attending Presidio Graduate School to earn an MBA and MPA in Sustainable Solutions, with the goal of integrating her knowledge of climate science, Indigenous knowledge, human psychology, and business and economics into public policies to address the climate crisis and systemic inequities.

But Callie is not waiting to get her degrees to make a difference. Callie is an active member of the Los Angeles Climate Reality chapter, where she focuses on helping schools and businesses shift to 100% clean energy. Callie became a formal Climate Reality Leader at the April 2020 training, where she met Pam Vergun, founder of Climate Change Recovery. This connection launched Callie’s involvement as an assistant director and board member for Climate Change Recovery and as a community organizer and climate leader with Climate Change Recovery’s program, Youth and Adults Acting for our Earth (YAE!). 

In addition, Callie completed a summer fellowship with the California Climate Action Corps (CCAC), a program implemented by the Office of the Governor as part of California’s comprehensive strategy to address the climate crisis. As a CCAC fellow, Callie worked on the forestry team at TreePeople, where she supported wildlands restoration and urban forestry efforts to re-establish healthy native ecosystems and build community resistance to climate change. 

There is nothing Callie is more passionate about than building community and empowering others to take action to advance environmental justice. That is why Callie launched an initiative called Sustainability Sunday, wherein she hosts regular online events featuring presentations from professionals, leaders, and activists in the climate and environmental justice movement to provide people with the information, tools, connections, and inspiration they need to take meaningful action and be a force for positive change.

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