Intern Director of Social Media and Fundraising Development


Climate Change Recovery (CCR), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is looking for someone interested in managing and dramatically expanding our social media presence, developing effective fundraising processes, and developing our fundraising base to help us build a more effective and sustainable nonprofit. We have been organizing our key program, Youth Acting for our Earth (YAE!) for the last eight years. YAE is a peer-led youth and young adult climate training program to empower young adults, youth, and their parents to impact climate policy. Our program is well established; our YAE youth leaders have trained over 400 youth and young adults from 4 states and 3 countries, ranging from 4th graders through young adults in their 30s. Organizationally we are in a start-up phase as CCR applied for and obtained 501(c)3 status effective October 2021, and we are working to become financially strong enough within a year to provide salaries for at least 1-2 full-time staff members. We have several strategies to achieve this, including offering four internship positions over the next few months to very capable new team members-to-be: Community Organizer, Nonprofit Management Intern, Partnership Development and Outreach Intern, and Social Media and Fundraising Development Intern.

Please visit to learn more about the work we do.


We are looking for someone to work together with our core staff to help us build our social media presence and our fundraising ability. This will involve collaborating with other staff and working independently to create engaging, informative, and inspiring posts, as well as to use social media to help increase funding. This person will also be in charge of building our development potential. Part of the work will be using our database to do fundraising outreach and create systems for cultivating ongoing as well as one-time and event-driven donors. The intern director will also research foundations and businesses whose practices are consistent with our standards and who might be good sources for grants and sponsorships. They will work with our team to make fundraising pitches and respond to requests for proposals by grant-making institutions. In working with businesses, they will solicit sponsorships and also in-kind, relationship-building investments through facilitating businesses and other organizations to have their clients and staff, and the families of staff, participate in our programs to achieve meaningful action on the climate crisis.

As a member of the team, the intern holding the position of director of social media and fundraising development will be involved in strategic planning and preparation as we work to expand to new states, connect us to other organizations with social media accounts and influencers, create ongoing relationships for annual trainings with new or established sponsors, and build ongoing relationships with donors.


The intern will, over the course of the summer, act as the director of social media and fundraising development, beginning with getting up to speed on our social media situation, database, and current partnerships and then helping to refine and extend our databases of nonprofit and business partners and potential individual donors. They will review what we have currently, quickly research and confer with our team about how we might design a better system within our budget, create simple to follow processes, and implement the systems needed to support substantial growth over the next five to 10 years.

The intern will help update and manage the CCR website. In addition, they will create regular social media posts, facilitate participants’ engagement with our social media, post on other social media sites to attract attention to ours, and possibly identify and develop one or more future social media intern(s) from among program participants. The director will also be attentive to older participants who might have skills around grant writing and engage them as volunteers.

They will take the lead building one or more donation campaigns using social media and the database to reengage those interested in the program, and help them make the transition from unengaged or minimally-engaged to a supporter and even a promoter. This will involve a combination of cold calls, emails, texts, and direct messaging through social media, documenting each contact and sometimes marking a contact as no longer interested. They will work with the team to identify potential sponsors and high-level donors and do the preparation necessary to reach out to them.

The director will begin the work of identifying grants for which we will be eligible, either now or in the future, and they will work to draft grant applications and proposals. The grant work will be done through a combination of research and networking.

We are in an exciting phase of our work trying to address the greatest challenges humankind faces, and we want someone with strong organizational, technology, writing, verbal communication, fundraising, and interpersonal skills on our team who is comfortable working with our diverse communities.


The director of social media and fundraising development will have at least one year (as of the start of the position) of training in a master of public administration, policy, or sustainability program or the equivalent along with one or more relevant years of professional experience (preference given to nonprofit experience)—and be interested in or planning to having a career focused on the climate crisis. They will also have the following experience and attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree and MA/MBA/MPA/MPP or equivalent in process in a relevant degree area
  • Excellent people skills, with experience collaborating in a multidisciplinary, diverse, and dynamic team
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities, proposing new ways of creating efficiencies, and documenting outreach
  • Technologically savvy, with some sophistication and a lot of comfort in using Google and Apple programs such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
  • Flexible and a self-starter; comfortable with working independently and with feedback; able to work on multiple projects while also being highly detail-oriented
  • Understanding of the need to protect data confidentiality
  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and a commitment to seeing rapid and effective action on the climate crisis
  • Comfort with making cold calls and possibly doing in-person outreach
  • Organizationally meticulous at documenting contacts so that transitions and collaborations can happen seamlessly
  • Comfort in working with high-income individuals and corporate heads
  • Experience making formal presentations in person and over Zoom
  • Familiarity with running meetings over Zoom and providing technical support as needed to participants
  • Excellent skills with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, videography, LinkedIn, and internet-based and other types of research
  • Knowledge of social marketing techniques and applied social psychology

Not required but highly desirable experience includes:

  • Proven track record in fundraising
  • Sales and “deal closing” experience
  • Demonstrated experience in CRM systems such as Salesforce
  • Experience using Action Network for group emailings
  • Database maintenance
  • Video editing
  • Using Canva for social media posts and other purposes
  • Use of WordPress and/or html code for website design and management

To apply:

To apply, please email your resume/CV and simple cover letter or short statement of intent to Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line. We will get back to you promptly about arranging an interview. 

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