YAE Teams!

If you are new to our program Youth Acting for our Earth, see in the photos below a little about how we help students and families to support each other while working to address the climate crisis.

Or, if you are:

  • already a YAE youth climate leader who did our one-day training;
  • the parent of a YAE youth leader;
  • or someone interested in bringing YAE to more students—a prospective YAE community organizer who has spoken with Pam

you will find links immediately below to the protected part of our site that has all you need to prepare to lead.

Training Resources for Team Members

YAE Climate Leaders

Parents Meetings

Community Organizers


Become a YAE Community Organizer

Introduction to Community Organizing with YAE

The Pre-Testifying Selfie
Science Fair Projects
YAE Team Families and Community Volunteers Planting Trees
Making Friends and Supporting Each Other Internationally
Road Trip to Seed Programs in other States!
Marching for Justice
Art to Protect What We Love
Hiking with Friends
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