Rob Vergun

Dr. Robert Vergun, Ph.D., M.A. is a board member of YAE, our lead parents’ meeting leader, and a federal plaintiff parent.

Rob Vergun - SNO

Photo: Pam Vergun

Rob Vergun helps support the work of both YAE and his daughter and son in their work as plaintiffs in the federal climate change lawsuit, Juliana et al. v. U.S. Besides his day job as an institutional analyst and his training as an economist, Rob is our number one behind-the-scenes, make-everything-go-smoothly YAE volunteer.

Rob is a Climate Reality Leader and often leads the parents’ meeting for YAE training days, helping parents new to YAE learn more themselves about the climate crisis through giving the Truth in Ten slideshow and helping to facilitate discussion among parents about what it is like to be a parent in an era of catastrophic uncertainty. He provides the key piece that youth need—parents who understand the seriousness of our situation and how they can support their students in becoming climate activists.

A thoughtful speaker, Rob has shared his insights regarding being a dad in this difficult time at conferences like Pull Together Now’s Infusing Indigenous Wisdom Workshop.

And, he is a talented musician. His specialty is The Beatles. 🙂 Check out the Blake Street Thieves on Apple Music—or catch his vibrant guitar at the “Shul”, especially P’nai Or of Portland Oregon Jewish Renewal Synagogue! You’ll hear some Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel there, too.

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