Climate Change Recovery

Climate Change Recovery started as a way to inspire and highlight the work that youth, families, young adults, and other volunteers can do together, across the U.S. and the Earth.

Our program, Youth Acting for Our Earth (YAE!), trains students from elementary school through grad school as well as other young adults and parents in how to work together to get action on the climate crisis.

YAE and Climate Change Recovery grew out of the work of one family (Pam, Rob, Miko, and Isaac Vergun) and their friends and acquaintances, that came from our desire to see people come together to support each other while trying to halt and reverse global warming.

Our goal is to get youth and young adults—and their parents—educated and empowered to speak out in ways that will get ourselves and others to act with all ‘required’ speed. 

Climate Change Recovery and Youth Acting for our Earth Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Wisdom Statement

aka Statement of Non-Discrimination

Climate Change Recovery and Youth Acting for our Earth (YAE!) recognize and were founded from a deep understanding of the importance and value of all people and all creatures. We are determined to do all we can to build a more just, equitable, and inclusive world community that recognizes that all people and all forms of life are relations and interconnected, whose diversity are assets and essential for ecological and social strength, balance, and sustainability.

We will do this through honoring the voices and spirits of all and ask all who join us to do the same, whatever their ethnicity (race), skin color, country of origin or citizenship, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, marital status, mental or physical ability, or age. This of course means we have a policy against discrimination or harassment in everything we do. We will together work to ensure that those who have not been fully appreciated and who have been the first to be most seriously impacted by the climate crisis are fully supported in leading the way to a better future. We will learn from our indigenous relations who have remained in touch with the wisdom of Mother Earth and from the many scientists and people of all backgrounds who understand the teachings woven into the natural balance of the Earth, that we are all One. And, we will work together to understand and to bring justice out of the present system of injustice that is intertwined with colonialism and poorly-regulated capitalism, to the benefit of us all.

Our Team

Pam Vergun — Director, Community Organizer, Board Member, and Co-Founder of YAE!

Callie Greene — Assistant Director, Community Organizer, Board Member, and YAE Climate Leader

Miko Vergun — YAE Climate Leader and Co-Founder of YAE!

Isaac Vergun — YAE Climate Leader and Co-Founder of YAE!

Rob Vergun — Parents Meeting Leader and Board Member of YAE!

Work with us!

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