Isaac Vergun — Youth Climate Leader and Co-Founder of YAE!

Isaac Vergun is a Federal Plaintiff in Juliana et a. v. U.S. and Co-Founder and Lead Youth Climate Leader with Youth Acting for our Earth, YAE!


Photo: Pam Vergun


Isaac Vergun has been a core part of the work of Climate Change Recovery and Youth Acting for our Earth (YAE!) since its inception.

Busy with school and climate work, this page will remain somewhat limited for awhile, but you can learn more about his work below.

Isaac Vergun is a 17-year old sprinter, cross country runner, and climate activist and federal plaintiff in the case Juliana et al. vs. U.S. At 11-years old, Isaac got the attention of Bill McKibben by stepping onto the stage to ask about starting a divestment campaign for his hometown of Beaverton, Oregon.

Isaac co-founded Youth Acting for our Earth (YAE!) and is the Lead Youth Climate Leader, bringing the program to four states and counting. He trained to become a Climate Reality Leader and was twice elected to the Global Boards of Plant-for-the-Planet. He was also elected President of the Children’s Board. He participated in the Youth Summits in Germany and Italy as well as inspiring adults from around the world in Monaco at PlantAhead. Honored as a Youth in Action by the Marshallese Community and a leader of his high school’s Black Student Union, Isaac is part of the Oregon Youth Legislative Initiative (which helps youth make personal connections with legislators to influence the adoption of sane climate policy), and a teen board member of the Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation.

Helping to found Youth Acting for Our Earth (YAE!), Isaac leads free one-day trainings for youth in grades 4-12, and has spoken to media, schools, congregations and other organizations. He has been a successful fundraiser on several occasions, most recently being a guest speaker for a fundraiser to benefit Our Children’s Trust at a dinner gathering of members of community churches in a small town in Oregon; Isaac’s compelling speech helped to bring in almost double the fundraising goal, resulting in a total donation $46,163. Isaac has been an invited speaker to several conferences, such as the 2016 and 2019 Soil Not Oil International Conferences, and received a standing ovation after his 15 Minutes of Brilliance Keynote at the Living Future Conference (a conference of green building professionals). Isaac earned an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program Certificate. Currently a senior, he plans to study environmental science and journalism next year at the university.
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