Donate to this Work!

To donate to the work of Plant-for-the-Planet U.S., you can set up a tax-deductible, 501c3 donation to Plant-for-the-Planet U.S. that will enable us to help youth train other youth about the Climate Crisis. Go to: and try out the donation button for the U.S. You can make a tax deductible donation to support our Academies by sliding the slider to the far left.

Wondering if you should donate? Contact us to visit one of the upcoming ones in Oregon and see for yourself.

If you prefer, you can also easily donate via our Facebook Page:

You can send us an email ( to let us know whether you want your money to go to:

  1. Sending our region’s young Representatives to the international meetings. For example, local youth have attend the Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Summits in Germany, Italy, and Monaco, and played an important part in decision-making and in launching the Trillion Tree Campaign, PlantAhead. Please contact Pam for more information, including to help with the fundraising! We are in great need of such help.
  2. Toward expanding Plant-for-the-Planet so we can have Academies in more U.S. states (e.g., Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii, Tennessee) and countries (e.g., Israel, the Marshall Islands, Japan, Australia…) that have not yet held Academies.
  3. Plant trees in the global south.
  4. Wherever we feel it is most needed at the time you send your donation in.
PftP Global Board Members Miko & Issac at Break Free Anacortes
Plant-for-the-Planet Global Board (2016-2017) Members Miko & Issac Vergun at Break Free Anacortes in Washington State