Media Attention for Plant-for-the-Planet U.S.!

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Here are recent reports about Climate Change Recovery and Plant-for-the-Planet Academies. Happy reading and watching. 🙂

January 2016 Metro Parent Magazine Family Resource Guide—On page 41, bottom right side—by Metro Parent‘s Editor Julia Silverman
Plant for the Planet—Metro Parent Magazine Portland Area Resource Guide
My favorite quote:
“The climate is changing, the planet is warming, and your kids can help reverse it.”

January 24, 2016 The Columbian Newspaper—by Susan Parrish, Columbian Education Reporter, photos by Steve Dipaola
Planting Trees for the Planet: Kids get seven evergreens started as they train to be Climate Justice Ambassadors
My favorite quote:
“Calla Saul hugged a potted Douglas fir seedling to her chest and sprinted across a meadow at Columbia Springs on Saturday. She was among more than 40 kids and their parents who hiked over a bridge, through the woods and into a soggy meadow to plant evergreen trees. These were not ordinary kids. They were Climate Justice Ambassadors volunteering for a worldwide effort called Plant for the Planet, which is sponsored by the United Nations. ”

February 14, 2016 KVAL and KMTR TV Evening News—by Ellen Meny, KVAL Multimedia Journalist
KVAL Local Evening News—Children Get a Kid-Friendly Crash Course on Climate Change
My favorite quote:
“Local children took a crash course in climate change Sunday thanks to the Plant for the Planet program…. ‘We do things in kind of a fairly simple way, but in a way that they can use to teach other students because that’s really important – and also to teach adults,’ said Pam Vergun from Plant for the Planet.”

Spring 2016 West Bank Magazine—Vancouver Business Journal—by Jessica Swanson, Columbian Education Reporter, photo by Eve Hanlin
Ambassadors of Change: Plant for the Planet Springs Up in Clark County
My favorite quote:
“For Columbia Springs, the biggest thing we are excited about is that this is very student driven,” said [Jenna] Kallestad. “They are standing up for themselves – we are just offering a space for them to take action. We are excited for them.
“If there is an interest from students we will host more academies. We are hoping students will find out it’s a resource and keep going,” she said. “It’s something that gets me really emotional – seeing fourth, fifth and sixth graders with passion and hope – we can learn a lot from them, that’s for sure.”

May 24, 2016 Oregon Jewish Life—by Pam Vergun
Plant for the Planet Empowers Youth to Create a Brighter Future
My favorite quote:
“What Jewish activity brings together diverse students from four cities and nine schools with adult volunteers and awesome youth leaders to work together under the auspices of the United Nations to repair the world and protect it for present and future generations? The answer is Plant for the Planet’s Good Deeds Day Academy.”


March 12, 2018 Channel One News—Azia Celestino and Demetrius Pipkin
Interview with 4 Climate Justice Ambassadors and Federal Climate Crisis Plaintiffs
There is an important lead-in story on youth leading the work to protect us all from guns; the segment highlighting the Climate Crisis starts at 2:23.
My favorite quotes:
Azia Celestino: “For Miko Vergun, the issue hits home. She’s from a place that has already seen the impact of Climate Change.”
Miko Vergun: “The Marshall Islands, which is where I was born, it’s going underwater, because of Climate Change and rising sea levels and huge storms. So that was when it really hit me—thinking to myself–if I don’t do something about it, no one’s going to do anything about it.”
Isaac Vergun: “Climate Change isn’t anything political. It’s about youth who want to live in a similar atmosphere and world and climate as their parents did. And, i t’s about—survival.”


Isaac Vergun being Interviewed by Vice after the March 9, 2016 Hearing for Kelsey Juliana et al. vs. U.S. et al.
Isaac Vergun being Interviewed by Vice after the March 9, 2016 Hearing for Kelsey Juliana et al. vs. U.S. et al.


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