Meeting Senator Merkley!

We were so glad to find out that Senator Merkley was joining us at University Park in Portland for the sHell No! rally put on by 350PDX!

Oregon Public Broadcasting and Amelia Templeton did a great piece about this which included a photo of Isaac talking with Senator Merkley about Isaac’s campaign to get the City of Beaverton to pass a resolution divesting from fossil fuels and nuclear power. We hope to have permission to use that photo before long!

But here is one that Senator Merkley was kind enough to take with Miko and Isaac and some other students, thanks to Teacher and Mom Moé Yonamine!

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley iwth Miko and Isaac Vergun and friends

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By Pam Vergun

Busy with—now a 501(c)3!—and being a mom.

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