The First Oregon Plant for the Planet Academy—July 28, 2015

Climate Change for Families and Plant for the Planet Begin to Start
U.S. Academies beyond Washington State!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 marked the first Academy in the U.S. that took place outside of Washington State. It happened in Portland, Oregon as part of an Interfaith Camp called Abraham’s Tent in which Jewish, Christian, and Muslim students came together to become Guardians of the Earth. Supported by several congregations, including P’nai Or Jewish Renewal, the congregation of Ambassadors Miko and Isaac Vergun and their mom, Pam, it was led by Michael Foster together with Miko and Isaac with organizational help from Pam. Several awesome volunteers from the participating Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities helped make a wonderful Academy.

A kaleidoscope of the day can be found here.

Report from the First Oregon Academy-Abraham’s Tent—Guardians of the Earth

The Story of the First Oregon Academy – Abraham’s Tent—Guardians of the Earth – brief


By Pam Vergun

Busy with—now a 501(c)3!—and being a mom.

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