Join Us for the Friends of Trees Crew Leader Training

Climate Justice Ambassadors Miko and Isaac Vergun and Pam Vergun will be taking part in the Friends of Trees Crew Leader Training on Saturday, January 30th. Join us!

One of the major goals of Plant for the Planet is planting lots and lots of trees. Worldwide we’ve planted 14 billion with our partners, but our goal is to plant 1,000 billion between now and 2020. Friends of Trees will help us achieve our goal by training us in tree planting leadership skills to help team of volunteers to plant tens of thousands of native trees and shrubs in the Green Space Program. If we team up with them, maybe they can even plant more this year!

To become a crew leader with us, visit the following site for more information and online registration: for more information. The training goes from 9am to 3pm and takes place at 6159 SW Nyberg Ln, Tualatin, OR 97062.

Planting at the Vancouver Academy with Ambassaodor Miko.jpg

Part of the training involves volunteering for 2-4 more tree planting parties this year. We’ll post here again when we decide which ones we’re doing, but sign up for the training now before the spots are filled! Anyone 15 and older can do it on their own; younger leaders can take the training with a parent.

If you live in Eugene, contact Friends of Trees in Eugene for more information on when they will be having a Crew Leader Training and to request that they have another one this year. Let them know you’re planning to become a Climate Justice Ambassador at our Plant for the Planet Academy in Eugene on February 14th!

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By Pam Vergun

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