Channel One News Interview with Ambassador Plaintiffs at PftP Academy

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March 12, 2018 Channel One News—Azia Celestino and Demetrius Pipkin
Interview with 4 Climate Justice Ambassadors and Federal Climate Crisis Plaintiffs

Channel One News is a student news service that goes out to about 6 million students and school staff across the nation.

There is an important lead-in story on youth leading the work to protect us all from guns; the segment highlighting the Climate Crisis starts at 2:23.

Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors who are plaintiffs in the federal Climate Crisis lawsuit and were interviewed for this story are:
Sahara Valentine, from Eugene, Oregon
Hazel Van Ummersen, from Eugene, Oregon
Isaac Vergun, from Beaverton, Oregon
Miko Vergun, from Beaverton, Oregon

Thank you so much, Channel One News, for sending out an awesome team to cover this story. Demetrius and Azia—thanks for spending the day with us at the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy plus this interview hosted by the Muslim Educational Trust!

4 Ambassadors and Plaintiffs - 2

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