Channel One News Features Plant-for-the-Planet!

April 27, 2018 Channel One News SegmentChannel One News Segment on Plant-for-the-Planet
Produced by Azia Celestino and Demetrius Pipkin

Click here to watch:
Channel One News Segment on Plant-for-the-Planet – October 22, 2017 Academy

Channel One News is a student news service that goes out to about 6 million students and school staff across the nation.

Thank you so much, Channel One News, for interviewing Felix, and for so beautifully covering the work of our youth, staff, and volunteers by sharing our day at the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy at the lovely and welcoming Muslim Educational Trust.

The important part not shown in the video is what our Ambassadors do with their training after the day of the Academy, but you can only cover so much in one day!

To find out more about how we are trying to protect the Earth and our future and the future of future generations, check out some examples of post-Academy work on our Facebook pages:
Plant-for-the-Planet U.S.:
Pam Vergun’s Facebook page:


Ethan and Isaac plus Mirabel

Sofia and Rose Listening

Tree Planting Glee at MET

And, come join us at an Academy, or contact our Director, Pam Vergun, at, to help get an Academy in your state!

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